The RadioPublic Loyal Listener bonus

Earn $1 for each loyal podcast listener on RadioPublic a month ago we announced the RadioPublic Paid Listens program that pays podcasters each time an episode is heard. We’ve seen pioneering podcasts like: Soonish, Kaleidoscope, Daily Kos Radio, and HumaNature join the program and become early proponents of a podcasting community and company that … Continue reading The RadioPublic Loyal Listener bonus

Better podcast listening on the web!

Listen in your browser anytime Howdy! Kyle Mitchell and Nate Hill on team RadioPublic just made listening on much, much better. Enhanced audio player on play.radiopublic.comBrowse around, search for something new, and keep listening at the same time. We’ve also added audio player controls, making it easy to fast-forward, rewind and scrub ahead. It’s also … Continue reading Better podcast listening on the web!

Introducing Affinity Promotions for podcasts on RadioPublic

A proven way to grow your newsletter subscribers, survey listeners, and measure ad efficacy Summary: Affinity Promotions within RadioPublic are targeted, relevant, and highly effective text messages with calls to action, displayed in-app to your podcast listeners. Use them to grow your email newsletter, survey your listeners, measure sponsor promo codes, and more. Sign up and … Continue reading Introducing Affinity Promotions for podcasts on RadioPublic

What’s new in RadioPublic 1.6.2 for iOS?

Howdy! Ready for a quick update about what’s new in RadioPublic for iOS? These are poplar trees, not popular podcasts…Populus is the plant genus which includes most poplars, as well as aspen and cottonwood. So says Wikipedia. Popular podcasts are not trees… duh… they are podcasts a bunch of people have decided they all enjoy. … Continue reading What’s new in RadioPublic 1.6.2 for iOS?

The Kesha and Drake RadioPublic release

iOS version 1.5.1 — Sorry, we didn’t create the next summer dance craze.🎵 Tap. Slide up, slide down. Tap. Slide up, slide down.🎵 No that isn’t the name of the next great summer dance craze — it’s about our new episode UI in RadioPublic for iOS. Though I bet if tap, slide up, slide down. tap was a summer … Continue reading The Kesha and Drake RadioPublic release

“He’s a podcast importer-exporter Okay?”

Import/export and see all downloaded episodes in RadioPublic 1.5 for iOS. Add shows from other podcast apps Art Vandelay — the made up character from Seinfeld — would love this release of RadioPublic for iOS. We’ve made it much easier to import and export your podcasts. Though I’m pretty sure Art would only be interested in the import aspect. If you … Continue reading “He’s a podcast importer-exporter Okay?”