Podcast Playlists (are back) on RadioPublic

When we created podcast playlists in March 2017, we wanted anyone to be able to curate their own podcast recommendations. Adding a favorite podcast episode to a list took only a few taps, and then could be shared publicly or followed by anyone, essentially enabling everyone to be a tastemaker. We built upon the word of mouth nature of podcast recommendations by providing a curated listening experience where listeners were already hearing their favorite shows: in the RadioPublic app.

After creating hundreds of our own podcast playlists and seeing positive listener reaction to them, we knew podcast curation needed to be democratized, not locked up and owned by a single listening platform. Creating a playlist in an app definitely worked, but it’s far more simple to have that whole experience of finding, writing about, and browsing lists happen on the web, and then putting the playlist into action by taking it to go to listen in an app.

Democratizing podcast recommendations and sharing them is exactly what Podchaser is all about. Their podcast rating and review website is a great place to both curate lists and discover new shows.

Together, Podchaser and RadioPublic have partnered to make it extremely simple to create, share and then listen to hand-curated podcast lists.

For each list you make on Podchaser, you can:

  • Create a unique title and description of your list
  • Add commentary in the form of a note on each selected podcast or episode on your list
  • Export your list from Podchaser to RadioPublic to listen to every episode and follow the list for any future additions

Try it out today by visiting Podchaser to compile a list of podcasts (or episodes) that made you laugh/cry/learn something, or start by listening to 10 Awesome YouTuber Podcasts, OzPod 2018, or News Quiz Podcasts on RadioPublic.

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