You get a podcast playlist!

What would Oprah put in her podcast playlist?

Note: As of November 2018, the easiest way to make a podcast playlist is through Podchaser’s podcast rating and review website and then take that playlist to go to listen on RadioPublic. Read more about our podcast playlist partnership.

Hellloooooo!!!! You get a podcast playlist! Everybody gets a podcast playlist!

We created RadioPublic so people could discover great podcasts. With 250,000 shows and millions of episodes figuring out what to hear can be overwhelming. Even more so if you’re a new listener. How do we make it easier to find the good stuff? Curated podcast playlists made by people. People who love podcasts love telling people about them and podcast playlists make that simple.

Keep reading and I’ll show you how to create your own podcast playlist in RadioPublic or download our free apps

What are you listening to? What should I hear next?

We launched RadioPublic with a handful of podcast playlists like Fresh This Week, Starter Pack and Quick Hits to highlight great episodes for both podcast veterans and newbies. People loved them.

“Playlists! The playlists are top notch. I’ve discovered so many new and interesting podcasts.” — Frederick R.

“.@RadioPublic #podcastplaylists: like discovering music via favorite musicians, or books via author you love.”

Listeners wanted more playlists so we reached out to friends with great taste like Dave Nadelberg, Matt Leiber, Josh Swartz, Phoebe Robinson and Wade Roush. We also worked with media companies like McSweeney’s, The Washington Post, and CBC Podcast Playlist. These folks and others have created amazing playlists, a great way to discover stories and shows.

People love creating podcast playlists.

When we started telling people about podcast playlists the waiting list grew fast. We had a hard time keeping up with demand. We wanted to make it easy for everyone to create a podcast playlist and share it with friends and followers. Now you can.

Add any episode to your podcast playlist.

Our iOS and Android apps make it easy to create a podcast playlist and share it with friends and followers. Want to collect and share great interview episodes? Simple. How about a playlist about the future? Maybe episodes about office productivity? Or maybe just find and share great episodes with the world.

  1. Download the free app for iOS or Android.

2. Add an episode by tapping ‘…’ and then tap “Add to playlist”.

3. Add a comment about the episode and add tags (both optional, but awesome for sharing and finding).

4. Add your Twitter handle and a short description to personalize your playlist.

That’s it. You are now a podcast playlist creator!

Tell everyone about your playlist!

Now that you’ve created a playlist share it with friends and followers. Also simple. Tap your profile, then “Your Playlist” and share. You’ll get a web link so you can add it to your Twitter bio, website or to share on Facebook. The link makes it easy for people to follow you on RadioPublic. When you add episodes to your playlist people who follow you will have those picks appear in their app, ready for listening.

Have you created your playlist?

Let us know about it! Add a link to your playlist, a short description and your Twitter handle as a response to this article. We’re on the hunt for awesome playlists to feature and can put your picks front and center to thousands of listeners.

If your playlist is featured we’ll help you claim your RadioPublic username like and we’ll get a personalized avatar added to your playlist like our own resident Podcast Librarian — Ma’ayan. Happy playlist creating!

What will you add to your podcast playlist?

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