Audience growth isn’t an accident: Your podcast needs a web strategy

The new wave of podcast audience development is through digital strategy. Watch our full twelve-part video series on web strategy for your podcast on Youtube.

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before:

Gain listeners by marketing your podcast.

Your podcast website is an opportunity for audience growth.

Original articles and SEO matter for podcast audience growth.

Add depth to your podcast and strengthen a direct connection with your audience.

If you’ve read anything written by RadioPublic in the last year, it’s likely hammered home the importance of audience acquisition, retention, and engagement for podcasters to grow and understand their fans. Web strategy is an integral piece of audience development for podcasts, as marketing and measurement identify successful and replicable strategies.

Our new twelve-part video series on how to create an audience growth strategy using websites, email newsletters, and social media to gain and retain listeners is now here. Together, the videos help any podcaster grasp the basics of web strategy and begin implementing immediately.

The series can be watched in any order, though to start off right: why not start with these two framing videos explaining why a web strategy for podcasts is essential to long-term audience growth?

Then dive into any of the seven videos about creating a strong website for your podcast and the videos about email newsletters and social media campaigns.

Let’s begin!

Why use web strategy for audience growth?

Your primary goal with podcast web strategy is to get people to listen to your podcast. (Sounds good, right? You can do it!)

What is a podcast web strategy?

Web strategy is audience development strategy. How can you best spend your energy to strategically grow your podcast audience?

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