Build every part of your website to bring in new podcast listeners

The new wave of podcast audience development is through digital strategy. Watch our full twelve-part video series on web strategy for your podcast on Youtube.

Every web strategy begins with a podcast website. Why? It’s a space you own and operate yourself, it makes your podcast available all over the world (even for people who haven’t listened a podcast—or your podcast—yet), and it’s just so goshdarn simple. 

In the following videos, we’ll cover in depth why you need a website for your podcast, then explain how to create all the components of your site (and use them in even more places, too).

Here’s why you need a website for your podcast

Ownership. Findability. Simplicity. ALL these help with audience growth.

Creating a podcast website: Gateway episodes

It’s time to help new listeners get started off right with your show: by choosing & using a gateway episode for your podcast.

Creating a podcast website: host bio and headshot

You are what makes your podcast great. With a host bio and headshot, you help new listeners fall in love with you and your podcast.

Creating a podcast website: loglines

Is your description doing everything it can to convince a new listener to press play? Writing a podcast logline can help.

Creating a podcast website: listener testimonials and press mentions

Praise for your podcast provides social proof that yes, people do listen to and love your show—and a new listener should, too.

Creating a podcast website: video trailers and instructions on how to listen to a podcast

You really want people to just push play on your podcast. How? With video trailers and a how to listen page!

Creating a podcast website: original articles

Writing increases your podcast’s reach as people search for things on the web. An article in addition to an episode doubles your coverage.

Every website shared in our videos is a real life podcast website built with Podsites, RadioPublic’s custom podcast website builder for RadioPublic PRO—and many were made super duper quick (at least two were created in a day).

Not sure you’re ready for (or need) a RadioPublic Podsite? RadioPublic PRO also puts these things into action on your advanced podcast marketing landing page, which also helps you with audience conversions and deepening your relationship with your listeners.

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