Making a smart podcast player means making discovery and listener acquisition smarter: the all-new RadioPublic PRO embed player

Easier podcast embeds. Smart podcast embeds. Podcast embeds everywhere! It’s been a rallying cry since the launch of our universal podcast embed player.

We love it. And more importantly, you all love it. Listeners encounter our embed player on over 10,000 websites, widely used by publishers and podcasters alike. It’s a great web discovery tool—we can’t get enough of this stat: 73% of people who listen to podcasts discover new shows via web search—and it’s a great listening conversion tool.

Why improve on something people love already? Well, because there’s so much more to do when it comes to transitioning a curious visitor to a listener, a fan, and a supporter or customer. And that’s why we have some excellent updates to the embed player for podcasters using RadioPublic PRO.

See the RadioPublic PRO embed player in action:

[protected-iframe id=”77a99fd39aaa46ebad8b7b166cd3259a-150048346-143044999″ info=”!34d29″ width=”100%” height=”185″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no”]

Tap play to see how it works

These new features for the embed player are in addition to many other benefits for podcasters using RadioPublic PRO including calls to action, advanced listener sharing, and customized podcast branding including Podsites.

Learn more about RadioPublic PRO.

So, what’s new in the RadioPublic PRO podcast embed player?

Email acquisition

Create connections with your audience at just the right moment: after they’ve indicated they’re interested in hearing more from you by pressing play on an episode.  Understand how to use advanced listener acquisition for your podcast.

A screenshot of email acquisition on the PRO embed player for Civilized.

Customized listening destinations

Add your choice of listening apps for web visitors to select from to continue listening. Coming soon: track which apps your audience prefers with Google Analytics integration. Update your listening destinations from your RadioPublic dashboard.

A gif of customized listening destinations for Against the Rules, as seen in an article on Podcast Review.

Coming soon: Podcast Promotion, SMS sharing and Google Analytics

Podcasters with RadioPublic PRO accounts soon reach even more potential listeners, as their shows will appear millions of times each month when listeners tap pause in the free Basic embed player, used on thousands and thousands of webpages. Learn more about increased visibility for RadioPublic PRO podcasts.

And of course, keep an ear out for updates to help make your podcast more shareable right from your PRO embed player (including SMS sharing) and Google Analytics tracking for listening events and feedback on which buttons visitors are clicking. Learn more about all the ways to share your podcast.

Podcasters currently using RadioPublic PRO will automatically see these updates, and to enable email acquisition for your account, send us an email at

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