Introducing Stations on RadioPublic

Lean back and enjoy hand-selected podcasts with just one tap There are millions of podcast episodes you could be hearing right now, with thousands more being published every day. When presented with an overwhelming number of unplayed podcasts, it can leave us in a position where we will make no choice at all. We at RadioPublic … Continue reading Introducing Stations on RadioPublic

The RadioPublic Loyal Listener bonus

Earn $1 for each loyal podcast listener on RadioPublic a month ago we announced the RadioPublic Paid Listens program that pays podcasters each time an episode is heard. We’ve seen pioneering podcasts like: Soonish, Kaleidoscope, Daily Kos Radio, and HumaNature join the program and become early proponents of a podcasting community and company that … Continue reading The RadioPublic Loyal Listener bonus

Engage the ears this year with a personalized Podcard

Give the gift of podcasts all wrapped in a perfect bow, with ❤ from RadioPublic Podcards are personalized podcasts playlists for your friends and family.The winter holidays are upon us, as is the age-old question: what can we do to show those near and far that we’re thinking of them this time of year? Especially if … Continue reading Engage the ears this year with a personalized Podcard

Introducing Affinity Promotions for podcasts on RadioPublic

A proven way to grow your newsletter subscribers, survey listeners, and measure ad efficacy Summary: Affinity Promotions within RadioPublic are targeted, relevant, and highly effective text messages with calls to action, displayed in-app to your podcast listeners. Use them to grow your email newsletter, survey your listeners, measure sponsor promo codes, and more. Sign up and … Continue reading Introducing Affinity Promotions for podcasts on RadioPublic