Introducing seamless onboarding: the fastest way to get new listeners listening

The all-new RadioPublic apps are here. Learn about everything that’s new, and download the apps for iPhone and Android. to take a look around yourself. Happy listening!

We believe that the phrase “Listen wherever you get your podcasts” isn’t enough. For all your curious soon-to-be listeners out there who don’t know how to hear a podcast yet, this is a non-starter. It’s your job to help them listen to your podcast.

First of all, your podcast’s website is your one-stop call to action destination, specifically, your How To Listen page. Unsurprisingly, we’re here to tell you that getting a new listener to hear your show on RadioPublic is hands-down the fastest, easiest way to get your curious new listener to be a follower of your show. How?

Magic. But really: with the shortest, most direct through-line from your website to listening within a podcast app with no places to get lost, distracted, or confused along the way.

So how does a podcaster do it? Encouraging a listener to enjoy your show on RadioPublic is easy to say, but how does a listener go from curious about the show to subscribing, and importantly, actually listening to an episode (or several)?

Now, any link to your show on RadioPublic has an incredibly streamlined onboarding process for your new listeners. Here it is, step by step.

  1. A new listener is inspired to listen to your show on the go. They tap your RadioPublic link, then…
    • If they’re on their phone, they tap the “Get the app” button.
    • If they’re on their computer, they start by texting themselves the show. When they open the link, they tap the “Get the app” button.
  2. Next, the listener is sent to the proper app store for their phone–the Apple App Store for iPhone users and the Google Play store for Android users–where they download the RadioPublic app.
  3. Upon opening the app for the first time, this is where that magic happens: The first thing a listener sees is your show. We encourage them to follow the show, prompt them to enable notifications so they’re always in the know when your new episodes are published, and most importantly, to queue an episode immediately and start listening.

And that’s it. Your new listener is now ready for any and everything you create. Voila!

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