Introducing Stations: the lean-back listening experience

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Since our launch of stations for iPhone last year, we’ve made some big changes. Now, both iPhone and Android users can enjoy stations, either with their own selection of shows or with RadioPublic’s hand-curated collections.

Lean into intentional serendipity

A station is an opportunity to find a new show or a great episode, all within a simpler listening experience. Any collection of podcasts is listenable in a station, whether created by you, our Podcast Librarian, or our guest curators.

In a station, we always serve you fresh audio by design. We respect the show’s natural play order: if it’s a daily or an episodic show, we’ll play you the most recent episode (unless you’ve heard it, of course) or if it’s a serialized show, you’ll start at episode one (or pick up where you left off). Think of it as a super-smart radio: when you press play on a station, you get content that’s right for you.

You can lean back and enjoy new podcasts in a few different ways:

No work whatsoever: just press play

RadioPublic’s stations are yet another way to help new listeners find your show. When your show is included in a station, it’s possible for someone to stumble across it for the first time, much like the serendipity of radio.

Our Podcast Librarian hand-curates two kinds of stations:

  • Preset stations: revisit these topical or thematic stations whenever you want to listen to something new. You can also save a preset station for easy access on your Home screen.
  • Ever-rotating stations: enjoy these while they’re here because these stations change regularly. Love a show you heard on one of our always-changing mixes? Visit the show page to follow the podcast for ongoing updates.

Want your show included in one of our stations? The first and most important thing is that we have to know about it. Inform us of new shows and seasons from your RadioPublic dashboard and sign up for our free three-week marketing course to spread your show to listeners everywhere.

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