Introducing HearMarks™ and Chapters: get inside a podcast episode

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We all know that podcasting’s goodness lives inside the audio, unlocked gradually as the story or conversation unfolds. Two new features dive right into podcast episodes to surface some of the wonders within, one enabled by listeners and one enabled by podcasters: HearMarks™ and Chapters.

Introducing HearMarks™

You’re listening to a podcast and hear a great quote, book title, or name of someone being interviewed that you want to remember. Usually, you’d scramble to find a scrap of paper to write down the author or promo code, or opened up another app to capture that information. Without a spare receipt, or a working pen, or even your hands free, you’d lose that detail, perhaps resurfacing once again months later (or truthfully, never).

Now, HearMarks make it easy for you to keep track of and return to those moments.

Creating a HearMark™ is simple:

  • On iPhone, triple tap your headphones’ play/pause button while listening to an episode.
  • On Android, tap the HearMark button in the notification tray.
  • If you have the RadioPublic app open, you can also tap the HearMark button on the Now Playing screen.

HearMarks are stored on your phone including the playback position in the episode you were listening to.

By default, the HearMarks you create are private and only you can see or add notes to them. If a moment is particularly poignant, you can share a link to your saved moment so others can click and start listening immediately.

Try HearMarking one of the following things in an episode of your favorite show:

Really, though, the possibilities are endless. You can HearMark anything your heart (and ears) desire!

HearMarks makes it easy for a listener to engage and re-engage with an episode of your show over time, and with the timestamped shareable links, HearMarks are built for passing along your podcast to new listeners.

Introducing Chapters

Pick up a book or a magazine and you’ll see a table of contents that line up the sections with page numbers, making all parts of the publication quickly available. With Chapters, you can now browse and enter any part of a podcast you’re listening to.

Chapters are accessible while an episode is playing. From the Now Playing screen, swipe from right to left to arrive at the About The Episode screen, and Chapters will be right at the top. Tap the desired Chapter heading to hop immediately into that segment of the podcast.

How to make Chapters for your podcast:

Chapters are a handy way for a podcaster to make the content inside a podcast episode within earshot for their listeners. They’re yet another way to identify and heighten the interesting things within a show, enabling more episodes sharing with exactly the starting points you want.

Here are some ways begin creating Chapters for your show:

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