Communicating with your podcast listeners beyond audio

The new wave of podcast audience development is through digital strategy. Watch our full twelve-part video series on web strategy for your podcast on Youtube.

Speaking to your podcast audience is a given: you’re talking to them directly each and every time you publish a new episode. Through both email newsletters and social media campaigns, you can establish new forms of sustained communication with your audience beyond your regularly scheduled episodes. Think of them as another way to establish voice and tone while opening up a two-way avenue of conversation.

An email newsletter parallels your podcast: direct, personalized, subscription-based connections strengthen fan commitment and provides new entry points for regular engagement.

Why do you need a newsletter for your podcast?

An email newsletter for your podcast: using regular and automated update

Social media campaigns also help you reach new listeners (growth) and engage existing ones (retention). Goal-setting your social media activity means that you’re creating a campaign that’s focused, targeted, and coordinated.

What’s a social media campaign and how do I use one to market my podcast?

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