Shows about the World Cup

Curated by James Parkinson, creator of By Association and World Cup Stories James Parkinson is an audio producer from Melbourne, Australia with a passion for storytelling and the world’s most popular sport. Here, James presents a collection of podcasts that focus on the World Cup. As the world’s most popular sport, football occupies a unique place … Continue reading Shows about the World Cup

Introspective, isolationist audio dramas

Curated by Michelle Nickolaisen, creator of Unplaced Michelle Nickolaisen is a freelance writer and the creator of Unplaced, an audio drama about an invisible woman who is slowly being forgotten. Michelle presents a collection of other fictional podcasts that feature solo characters, isolation, and/or questionable realities. When you’re always looking for inspiration for your next project, … Continue reading Introspective, isolationist audio dramas

Stories from the Middle East and North Africa

Curated by Hebah Fisher and Yahya Abou-Ghazala, co-creators of Kerning Cultures Since 2015, the podcast Kerning Cultures has been highlighting narratives from the Middle East. Co-creators Hebah Fisher and Yahya Abou-Ghazala share a selection of their favorite Middle East podcasts below. Yahya: The quickest and easiest way for someone to grab my attention and keep me … Continue reading Stories from the Middle East and North Africa

Innovation in unexpected places

Curated by Chinue Richardson and Halle Millien, founders of LemonDrop Media LemonDrop Media is a podcast network and production company that amplifies diverse voices, stories, and perspectives and reflects the complexity of communities of color and women. Founders Chinue Richardson and Halle Millien selected a cross-section of podcasts by women that tell the story of … Continue reading Innovation in unexpected places