Modern Love, Made Simple

Damona Hoffman is a certified dating coach, TV personality from A+E Networks, and writer for The Washington Post’s Date Lab. In honor of Valentine’s Day, this collection is dedicated to finding the magic in modern relationships.

Dating and relationships are tough today. Technology, gender roles, sexuality and other elements of society are impacting the way we date, mate, and relate. This collection is designed to simplify modern love.

As the host of The Dates & Mates Podcast and a dating coach of over 13 years, I’ve interviewed many of the top relationship experts and heard a wide range of love advice. My coaching clients and I feel these podcasts are both helpful in overcoming modern dating and relationship dilemmas and are entertaining to listen to.

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Dates & Mates

Dating Coach & TV Personality Damona Hoffman demystifies modern love with celebrities and experts in dating, marriage, breakups and hookups. You will laugh, you will cry, and you will believe in love again.

Savage Lovecast

Dan Savage is the gold standard when it comes to a relationship advice podcast. The Q & A format is inclusive of all gender identities and sexual preferences and Dan offers non-judgmental advice for a wide variety of dating, relationship, and sex questions.

Why Won’t You Date Me

We knew Nicole Byer was hilarious and engaging from her Netflix show Nailed It! and her comedy specials, but this podcast is next level Nicole. While she honestly shares about her own dating dilemmas, Nicole’s funny friends and interesting experts help her figure out why she (and so many other women today) are still single.

How to Talk to Girls

Youtube celebrity and dating coach Tripp Kramer gives no-nonsense advice on how to talk to girls and how men can be more confident in life and in love. Tripp is not a pick up artist – he’s a coach who always delivers his advice with clarity, heart, and hope for the men out there who are struggling with dating.

Where Should We Begin

Esther Perel set the internet on fire with her 2015 TED Talk on infidelity and now she lets us inside her therapy sessions with real couples on her podcast. Through these sessions she shows us that we’re not alone in our relationship issues and shares insights on how even the biggest challenges in marriage can be healed.

Ask Women

Long-time dating coach for men Marni Kinrys and comedian Kristen Carney have been giving raw, real love advice for many years. This show is part interview and part Q & A, and it’s always lively. These ladies are never afraid to speak their mind and always have real, actionable dating tips to offer.

Together. A Podcast About Relationships

Reformed divorce lawyer Erik Newton does a deep dive on relationship challenges in a series of intimate and honest interviews about modern love. From Catholic swingers to healing from sexual abuse, no topic is taboo here.

U Up?

Betches co-founder Jordana Abraham and comedian Jared Freid put the fun back in modern dating. From interpreting dating app interactions to discussing weird sexual encounters, this podcast is engaging and entertaining regardless of your relationship status.

Sapphire’s Earplay

This is not your typical sex advice show but then again, Mehgan Sapphire is not your typical sexologist. A black, bisexual sex expert who’s been an on-air personality at SiriusXM, Playboy Radio, and many other mainstream media outlets, she gets down and dirty on this podcast along with her co-host Yasmine DeLeon.


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