Close out 2018 with a Paid Listens upgrade

In February 2018, we launched the first piece of the podcast marketplace: an equal opportunity for all podcasters to make money with their shows. The Paid Listens program sets podcasters on a path to financial sustainability: your podcast is heard, you get money in your bank account.

Today, we have two exciting updates to share:

Ads or no ads, Paid Listens are for you

Now, any podcast, whether they have ads or not, is eligible for the Paid Listens program. As long as your show complies with our Terms of Service, you can earn money every time episodes of your show are heard in the RadioPublic apps for iOS and Android.

Learn more about the Paid Listens program and sign up today.

2x Your Paid Listens Earnings in December

Our gift to podcasters at the end of 2018: we’re doubling all Paid Listens earnings from 12/1 to 12/31. That means:

  • any episodes heard this month are now at a $40 CPM (4¢ per episode heard, or $40 per 1000 listens)
  • the Loyal Listener bonus is now $2 (for every listener hearing three or more episodes of your show, you earn at least $2.12: that’s $2 for the bonus and 12¢ for the three episodes heard)

Hoping to offset some costs this holiday season? The required minimum earning threshold is still $25 to receive a payout, but now is even closer to your grasp: convert 12 people to listen to your podcast on RadioPublic this month, and you’ll earn at least $25.44 to receive a payout.

Podcasters currently in Paid Listens or those joining anytime throughout the month are eligible for double the earnings, so sign up today and start encouraging your listeners to hear your show on RadioPublic with our handy marketing guide and our how to listen guide.

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