Give the gift of podcasts with a free personalized Podcard

We at RadioPublic believe that every day is right for podcasts, but even more so during the holidays. There are new phones with snazzy new headphones to play with, vacations and travel that make podcast listening on a roadtrip or a plane a necessity, and a whole bunch of people you’re grateful for that you want to send a thoughtful present.

With a Podcard, we make it easy to gift podcasts to everyone on your list this year: they’re free, fun, and spark conversations at holiday parties and around the dinner table.

Send a personalized Podcard – part e-card, part gift card, part personalized podcast present  – to all your friends and family this year by selecting a few descriptors to jump-start our curating, and then we’ll send along the playlist to both you and the recipient via email.

Add YOUR podcast to a Podcard

Want to add your podcast to any Podcard you (or your fans) sends? It’s easy:

  1. Verify your podcast at to get your RadioPublic link. (Already verified? Just grab your RadioPublic link and hop to step 2.)
  2. Copy the combination of letters and numbers at the end of your RadioPublic URL. (In this example, it’s the bold letters and numbers:
  3. Add that combination of letters and numbers to the end of the following URL: (That final slash and question mark are important! Don’t forget!)

Find a new favorite podcast thanks to a Podcard you sent or received this year? Tweet your new-found podcast favs @RadioPublic to let us know.

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