Pause/Reflect: RadioPublic 2018 Highlights

Happy new year! 2019 promises to be a game changer for podcasting, and even though I think we are the “slow food movement of media,” RadioPublic is moving fast. You’ll be hearing soon about a remarkable roadmap of products, services, and partnerships — podcasters and listeners will be well served. Before we step take our next steps … Continue reading Pause/Reflect: RadioPublic 2018 Highlights

Invest in RadioPublic

Opening our Equity Crowdfunding Campaign on RadioPublic is building the missing marketplace in a booming podcasting industry, and now you are invited to join us as an investor. In partnership with Republic, we have launched an equity crowdfunding campaign which gives listeners, podcasters, and other stakeholders the opportunity to invest in the future of … Continue reading Invest in RadioPublic

The Bose backstory

Twenty Thousand Hertz is a wonderful podcast telling “stories behind the world’s most recognizable and interesting sounds.” Apropos of our recent announcement of Bose and RadioPublic, I was delighted to hear this episode about the founding story of Dr. Amar Bose, his scientific inquiries into sound, his entrepreneurial journey, and his ultimate “gift” to MIT … Continue reading The Bose backstory