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Opening our Equity Crowdfunding Campaign on

RadioPublic is building the missing marketplace in a booming podcasting industry, and now you are invited to join us as an investor.

In partnership with Republic, we have launched an equity crowdfunding campaign which gives listeners, podcasters, and other stakeholders the opportunity to invest in the future of podcasting.

If you’re already a podcast believer, come read our pitch and invest.

Democratizing Investing in Podcasting

We’ve always advocated for alternative and more inclusive models for building mission-driven enterprises. RadioPublic was founded in partnership with the nonprofit PRX; we are incorporated as a Public Benefit Corporation; and we have assembled a purposeful mix of institutional, strategic, mission, and angel investors who share our vision. Now, and for the next 2+ months, we are offering a way for anyone to join us and invest.

Two years ago, just as RadioPublic was first getting started, we watched closely as the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission enacted Title III of the JOBS Act, which allowed non-accredited investors — the majority of the U.S. population — to invest in startups.

Since then we’ve looked for the opportunity to invite the vibrant and growing community of RadioPublic listeners and podcasters, as well as the expanding circle of people excited about the future of podcasting, to join our journey as stakeholders.

To do that, we are proud to partner with Republic, a leading equity crowdfunding platform that focuses on mission-driven startups, and whose own mission is “to democratize investing and level out the fundraising landscape for founders and investors alike.”

Listening is an Act of Love

Our own journey was inspired by Radiotopia’s first crowdfunding campaign in 2014 when the network was launched. Even as the campaign became the most successful in podcasting history (21,808 backers pledged $620,412), we saw that the powerful connection between fans and creators was still not supported, enabled, or promoted in the place where it could have the most impact: within the listening experience itself. What podcasting has been missing is an open marketplace that leverages the act of listening into a deeper connection between creators and fans.

What I love about RadioPublic is that they understand, in their bones, that the best things for listeners is the best thing for creators
 — Roman Mars, host of 99% Invisible, co-founder Radiotopia

We have been building that missing marketplace for podcasters. For the last 18 months we have helped listeners discover, engage with, and reward the creators of podcasts. Over on our campaign page we describe in detail our accomplishments so far, our vision and strategy going forward, and what’s next on the roadmap — everything you need to know to invest in RadioPublic’s future.

We are still in the early days of building RadioPublic and of podcasting overall, and we couldn’t be more excited about what’s next. Whether you join us for $50 or $50,000, we welcome you as an investor in the future of RadioPublic and a healthy, vibrant, expanding podcast ecosystem.

Thank you!

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