How to pitch your podcast

Connect with and impress a podcast writer

Now that you’ve got a podcast press kit (here’s our guide and the Bello Collective’s what, why, and how of podcast press kits if you need a refresher) it’s time to flex those muscles: we’ve compiled a list of publications accepting podcast pitches to help you share your show.

Keep it simple

Introduce yourself and describe your show (with links to your press kit — point out what’s important for them there), why you’re connecting with this writer specifically, and be sure to thank them for their consideration.

Your message is likely your first introduction to this writer. Even if they’re not in a place to address your show right now, they’ll remember how you initially approached them. Be a gracious representative of your show and of podcasting as a whole, and be deliberate about what you’re asking of this writer. (Bonus points if you can include references to previous writing of theirs, since it shows you’ve done your research.)

Be relevant

Why are you pitching your show now? Is there a special guest, a time-specific episode, or a particular milestone you’ve reached with your show?

Help connect the dots between why you’re sending your message now and why they should be reading it. Include an all-device friendly link to your show and an embed player code for a selected episode.

Make it personal

Become familiar with a writer’s work and customize your pitch accordingly. Identify the fit between your show and their publication: submitting your conversational news podcast to someone who only writes about audio drama is a mismatch.

If a writer going to take time to listen to your podcast and highlight your work, you have the time to read what they’ve produced so far. Do your homework, it will pay off.

Who can you pitch to?

  • Local media (like your local newspaper) for a community feature
  • Bloggers or podcasters who cover the same niche or topic as you
  • People who write about podcasts! ❤

We sought out a collection of independent publications who write about podcasts and accept pitches. Dive into their podcast writing at the following sources.

Participating Paid Listens podcasters also receive direct contact information for all the listed publications.

These publications highlight all kinds of podcasts:

These publications focus solely on audio drama:

If you accept pitches from podcasters, share a link to your publication (and your preferred way of receiving pitches) with and we’ll happily add you to this list.

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