It’s 2.0 Time: welcome to the all-new RadioPublic app

RadioPublic’s first product – our app for iPhone and Android and web – has been updated. Enjoy!

Welcome to the all-new RadioPublic app: we’ve got an updated look, new listener-requested features, and a whole new way to save and share moments in podcasts you love: HearMarks™.  Read on for more wonderful news.

Also some very important things have not changed: RadioPublic is free, protects your privacy, is universally accessible, and helps support independent podcasters.

Over the past two years of building RadioPublic we’ve heard over and over again from listeners around the world that they were using our apps to listen to their first podcasts, to find new podcasts, and to fall in love all over again with their favorites. Seamless podcast links guide new listeners from web to app to make the head-over-heels-in-podcast-love feeling even more immediate. Our always-changing hand-curated Explore section highlights new and long-running podcasts big and small, and Smart Folder organization means that anyone could become their own top curator. In-app engagement prompts allow podcasters to connect with their most loyal listeners to ask for help or offer exclusives.

And still, we knew we could continue to improve podcast discoverability, organization, and engagement. There’s even more to love with RadioPublic 2.0, and since there’s quite a lot to dig into, we’ve broken out each of the new features with their own highlights.

A brand-new look

  • Home makes it easier to get to the episodes you care about most
  • Queue and player controls help you customize your listening
  • Explore puts the spotlight on hand-picked podcasts and stations

Read more about our new design.

Hop to, save, and share moments in the podcasts you’re listening to

  • Remember moments while listening to an episode
  • Return to memorable points in past episodes
  • Jump to a predesignated part of an episode with Chapters

Read more about HearMarks™ and Chapters.

More podcast listening with less work

  • Any collection of podcasts becomes a lean-back station by just tapping the “Start Listening” button
  • Choose from a selection of preset stations on different topics and themes
  • Intelligently remove silence to save precious seconds while listening

Read more about listening enjoyment improvements with stations and Trim Silence.

Start listening to podcasts more quickly

  • Don’t get lost when downloading the RadioPublic app from a show link – that podcast remains front and center upon opening the app
  • Quickly move from listening on a website to listening within a podcast app
  • Follow and queue a show immediately upon RadioPublic

Read more about our new onboarding.

Thank you for checking out RadioPublic, and stay tuned for more soon!

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