Creative paths, weird fiction, and head-scratchers

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Podcast playlists from the people behind Not By Accident, Archive 81, Brains On, Haptical, The Big Listen, Maeve in America, Electric Literature, and Radiotopia.

The Big Listen: Talking Wife Life

Lauren Ober from WAMU & NPR’s The Big Listen, public radio’s broadcast about podcasts. TBL chats with indie producers, award-winning journalists, and your favorite celebrities about what they’re making and what they’re listening to.


Is the sky really blue? What if we couldn’t lie? Should pugs exist? This is a playlist for people who love asking big questions, from the team behind Brains On! — a podcast featuring science and kids.

Podcast Virtual Reality

These episodes will help you understand how virtual can change the future of gaming, education, health care and businesses, from the team at Haptical.

Learn & Laugh

Learning and laughing are maeve higgins’ (of Maeve in America) two favorite activities — and these shows make her do both, sometimes at the same time. Isn’t that the dream?


The women hosts of Radiotopia share some of their favorite episodes for Women’s History Month.

Creative Paths

Stories about making creative work and living a creative life — and where the artists let their guard down and go deep. Curated by Sophie Harper, creator of Not By Accident.

Writers Gone Rogue

Electric Literature is dedicated to expanding the influence of literature in popular culture and fostering innovative literary conversations. These 6 episodes are stories of writers and readers in unexpected situations, from unexpected sources.

Weird Fiction

The producers of Archive 81 and The Deep Vault collect some of the most unsettling, most disturbing, most flat-out-weird fiction podcasts they’ve come across. If you like cosmic horror, strange audio, or just being deeply freaked out, take a listen. With the lights on.

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