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New things to hear this week

Podcast playlists from the people behind The Washington Post’s Can He Do That?, Salon, Spirits, Awful Grace, The Pub, Twenty Thousand Hertz, The Bello Collective, and the Podcast Brunch Club.

Government 101

Episodes to help you understand America’s government and what’s happening in politics right now, recommended by the team behind The Washington Posts Can He Do That? podcast.

How To Podcast

A lot of amazing podcasters are still eager to share their trade secrets rather than hoard them. This moment won’t last forever, so if you want to be great at podcasting, listen to these shows while they still exist. From The Pub’s Adam Ragusea.

Featured Audio from Salon

Culturally diverse voices and undiscovered stories collected from Salon’s own staff, public radio shows, and native podcasters, all featured on

Sound As…

The stories we tell can act as a window or a veil: They can expand our tiny worlds, or they can further our myopia. Curated by Robert Andersson from Awful Grace.


The Podcast Brunch Club is like book club, but for podcasts. Chapters meet monthly world-wide to discuss a handful of episodes. This month’s theme is gangs, and the listening list was curated by Sara DaSilva.

Myths & Legends

Stories make us human. Whether it’s radio drama, nonfiction, education, or drunken banter, these episodes on mythology, folklore, and storytelling will inspire you to tell some of your own. From the creators of Spirits.

Stories of Gender Transitions

Great episodes about people who transition from one gender to another — socially, physically, and legally. Chosen by The Bello Collective’s Galen Beebe.

Stories about Sound

The cream of the crop in sonic goodness: episodes that demonstrate incredible ways to use sound in storytelling as well as how to effectively talk about sound in a clear and unpretentious way. From Dallas Taylor of Twenty Thousand Hertz.

The backstory: Every week at RadioPublic, we highlight a new set of hand-curated #PodcastPlaylists — think old-school mix tape, but for podcast episodes. Some share a theme, and others are a selection of favorites from tastemakers like authors, podcast hosts, and publications. Want to be the first to hear when new playlists are available? Join our mailing list below.

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