The Bose backstory

Twenty Thousand Hertz is a wonderful podcast telling “stories behind the world’s most recognizable and interesting sounds.” Apropos of our recent announcement of Bose and RadioPublic, I was delighted to hear this episode about the founding story of Dr. Amar Bose, his scientific inquiries into sound, his entrepreneurial journey, and his ultimate “gift” to MIT … Continue reading The Bose backstory

Why we are introducing Paid Listens for podcasters on RadioPublic

Creating a healthy media ecosystem from the ground up The podcast universe’s expansion continues to accelerate, fueled in large part by brands and advertisers seeking to reach a valuable, engaged audience. Wired’s recent headline captures this well: “Podcast Listeners Really Are the Holy Grail Advertisers Hoped They’d Be.” But the vast majority of podcasts are still … Continue reading Why we are introducing Paid Listens for podcasters on RadioPublic

2017 in (podcast) retrospect

From thousands upon thousands of new shows, highlights of the trends we saw *a lot* this past year I love categorization, in no small part because it’s a fairer and more representative way to start showcasing exactly what’s out there in the wide world of podcasts. An investigative report next to a deep-dive history show next … Continue reading 2017 in (podcast) retrospect