Listening is an act of love: podcasting’s future is in the hands of fans

Support Radiotopia on RadioPublic — reward as you listen

“Listening is an act of love” — Dave Isay (StoryCorps founder)

RadioPublic was born out of a simple but profound insight: the deepest connection between creators and audiences is the experience of listening itself.

There are many ways to engage — social media, ancillary content, email newsletters, live events — but podcasting’s power is in the extraordinary level of attention, interest, curiosity, empathy, and imagination that is summoned in the moment you are listening to others’ voices, and in the lasting effect these stories have in your life.

At RadioPublic, we are tapping into that power to help creators reach and reward their most engaged listeners, and to help fans to support the creators they love.

We are proud to support Radiotopia’s fall fundraising campaign with a $10,000 contribution, and help listeners give through RadioPublic directly.

Since first launching the RadioPublic apps earlier this year we’ve been laying the groundwork with a new set of tools — our podcast librarian, podcast playlists, gateway episodes, embed players, Affinity Promotions. These are just the initial building blocks in our plan to unlock podcasting’s attention economy.

Radiotopia Points — When You Listen, Everyone Benefits

A core element of our approach is what we call the Affinity Score. Each listener, on each device, for each show, earns an Affinity Score based on a handful of ingredients such as frequency and duration of listening to episodes, following/subscribing to shows, sharing, skipping, and a growing list of additional signals.

Your scores are private, decentralized (created and stored on your phone, not on our servers), and, until now, invisible to you.

Track your Points in your RadioPublic profile

Starting with the Radiotopia campaign we are opening up your scores for listening to any Radiotopia show. You can find your score in your profile, and you can donate directly by clicking “Contribute” on any Radiotopia show page on RadioPublic.

You earn more points as you listen, share, and donate to Radiotopia shows. And we are starting to develop additional ways to earn and spend your points, unlock rewards and exclusive offers, and support the shows you love. We’d love to hear your ideas about what kind of offers, opportunities, and connections podcasters can enable for listeners.

RadioPublic’s mission is to “help listeners discover, engage with, and reward the creators of podcasts.” Supporting the Radiotopia fall campaign is a big step forward — contribute today!

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