2017 in (podcast) retrospect

From thousands upon thousands of new shows, highlights of the trends we saw *a lot* this past year

I love categorization, in no small part because it’s a fairer and more representative way to start showcasing exactly what’s out there in the wide world of podcasts. An investigative report next to a deep-dive history show next to a gripping crime and murder show: this happens everywhere (even in my podcast queue) and this sort of pears-and-pomegranate approach can feel like an orchard, or a fruit salad, or a smoothie on any given day.

As our way of wrapping up our first full year of helping listeners discover, engage with, and reward creators of podcasts, we’re taking an arranged fruit gift basket approach to our year-end Explore section of the RadioPublic app. Through the end of the year, we’re featuring the following collections of shows, highlighting a cross-section of podcasts that launched in 2017 that encapsulate ten striking trends we saw in podcasting this year.

All the links in this article will automatically open in the RadioPublic app (for iOS or Android) if you’re reading this article on your phone, or you can begin listening to recent episodes of each show on the web. Happy new year, listeners everywhere, and onward, podcasters!

Shows featured the week of December 19

Investigative reporting from public radio stations

History shows

Feminist shows

Food shows

Crime and murder shows

Riding the wave of podcasting in 2018? Tell us about your new show or season before you launch.

Shows featured the week of December 26

Daily news shows

Fiction shows

Shows for kids

Portraits of people

Shows about personal identity

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