Video: How to add your podcast to a Podcard

A step-by-step video to make each Podcard you send even more special

Give the gift of podcasts by sending a Podcard — part e-card, part gift card, part personalized podcast present — to someone special this holiday season. Now, you can make this personalized playlist even more special by adding something you put a lot of love and care into the mix: your podcast!

To include your show in each Podcard you (or your fans) send:

  1. Verify your podcast at to get your RadioPublic link. (Already verified? Just grab your RadioPublic link and hop to step 2.)
  2. Copy the combination of letters and numbers at the end of your RadioPublic URL. (In this example, it’s the bold letters and numbers:
  3. Add that combination of letters and numbers to the end of the following URL: (That final slash and question mark are important! Don’t forget!)

Now that you have your unique link, send away! Podcards for everyone on your list this year.

Beautiful nerds, rejoice: this is how to assure that an episode of 99% Invisible is always at the top of the list.

And once you’ve done that, why stop there? Here are some ways to enable your listeners to send Podcards that include your show:

  • Share a post on Facebook, Twitter, or any of your show’s social media presences that includes your unique link
  • Include your unique link in your email newsletter
  • Mention it on your podcast and add your unique link to your episode notes

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