Calls To Action: making it easier to earn money from your podcast audience

We shorten the distance between asking for and receiving support from your fans

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We’ve been excited to see the growing interest in direct listener support in the podcast community – something we’ve embraced in our mission and roadmap from day one at RadioPublic.

When we started working on this feature earlier this year, we set out to improve direct listener support as one piece of the podcast sustainability puzzle. With RadioPublic’s Calls To Action, we provide several ways by which a show can gain support from listeners, with the flexibility to expand to more forms of engaged audience activity in the future.

Calls To Action: closing the gap between asking for and receiving support from your fans.

Calls To Action: listener support

You’ve been working tirelessly on your podcast, and it’s time to start seeking some financial support to keep your show going. Maybe you’ve mentioned it in your show credits, or added a link to your Patreon or PayPal account in your show notes, but what if it was even more visible: right there with your show, right where someone is listening and can click now.

Makes sense, right? We agree.

We’re happy to announce initial partnerships with podcast hosting providers Pinecast, PRX and Anchor on the first Call To Action. We worked closely with these first partners to make it incredibly easy for listeners on RadioPublic to hop on over to your donation or support pages. We’ve got integrations in the works with other major podcast hosting providers, too. If you are hosted elsewhere and want this financial support button to show up for your podcast, direct your hosting provider to this article.

The listener support Call To Action on the web and RadioPublic Android app

Calls To Action: join an email list, fill out a survey, buy merch, and more

The many aligned paths to podcast sustainability

Rarely is there one way to get to where you want to go with growing and developing your podcast into a continuing venture; everyone’s version of success looks, feels, and executes differently. With RadioPublic’s Calls To Action, the opportunities for engaging with your fans in meaningful ways help podcasters create their own roadmap to podcasting sustainability.

Here’s a sneak peek into some of the Calls To Action we’ve got in motion.

Subscribe to our newsletter: a Call To Action coming soon on RadioPublic


Complete our survey: a Call To Action coming soon on RadioPublic
Purchase show merch: a Call To Action coming soon on RadioPublic

Want to know what we’ve got cooking and get early access to these Calls To Action? Get in touch:

Special thanks to Matt Basta at Pinecast, Andrew Kuklewicz at PRX, and Mike Mignano at Anchor for working closely with us on this.

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