So many podcasts, so little time: adjustable playback speed now available on the web

Control the playback speed of podcasts

Don’t have enough time in the week for all your podcast listening? Are you getting behind on all the new episodes piling up? Adjustable listening speed––in the RadioPublic apps and now on the web!––can help with that.

Dialing up (or down) your listening speed is super simple to do:

  • Start listening to an episode on the web in your browser and tap the 1x in the lower right corner.
  • A little panel will slide up and you can speed things up to 2x or slow them down to 0.5x standard speed. (Why would you slow things down? We see plenty of people using podcasts to supplement their English language learning efforts, we even have a collection of podcasts that are great for speakers of English as a second language.)
Adjust the playback speed on the web

All this works in the RadioPublic apps for iPhone and Android too, and there’s added benefit when you’re using the apps: you can set the playback speed for each show you listen to independently. Some shows are just enjoyed better when heard at standard speed while others can benefit from speeding them up, helping you get through the “umms” and “aaahs” a bit quicker.

Happy (faster or slower) listening!

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