From Plant to Plate (to Pod): Podcasts about Farming and Agriculture

Whether you’re an environmentalist curious about sustainable agriculture, a small-time farmer with questions about keeping your business viable, or simply interested in how your food’s journey from farm (or factory) to your plate, these podcasts on farming and agriculture will entertain and enlighten you.


Longtime agriculture journalist Chip Flory hosts conversations about how current national issues affect agriculture and rural America. Whether or not you’re a farmer yourself, this is an interesting inside look at, among other things, how policy impacts production of the food we consume.


This podcast provides a weekly rundown on what’s new in the world of agribusiness. Hosts Chuck and Cindy Zimmerman chat with industry leaders about new technologies, agriculture marketing, and the next generation of agriculture.

Future of Agriculture

This podcast presents a frightening idea: the global population is expected to reach 9 billion by 2050, and agriculture is expected to produce more food with less land and less water. The Future of Agriculture hosts thinkers and leaders who sound off on innovative approaches to make farming more sustainable.

Regenerative Agriculture Podcast

This podcast is for professional growers looking to increate their crop yield and utilize regenerative agriculture – systems that regenerate topsoil.

Down to Earth: The Planet to Plate Podcast

Down to Earth is a show about how climate change interferes with our industrial food system. Guests — from farmers to scientists to writers — share their thoughts on how we, collectively, can advance a mission to make our food healthy in every way: healthy for the environment, healthy for the producers, and healthy for the consumers.

The Farm Report

Host Lisa Held covers farming from top to bottom, whether the conversation surrounds the latest advancements in agricultural innovations or how to sustain a business growing vegetables and raising cattle.

The Faces of Farming: Artichokes, Nutrition Diva

Nutrition Diva normally offers useful tips on improving eating habits, but this episode includes the first segment of the podcast’s miniseries, “Faces of Farming.” We meet Dale Huss, a vegetable farmer specializing in artichoke production, who walks us through the process of getting vegetables from the soil to our dinner plates.

The Future of Urban Farming, The Splendid Table

This episode of The Splendid Table features several guests, the first of whom is Caleb Harper, a scientist who explains the benefits of urban farming, a process he says, aside from being energy efficient, can produce the tastiest foods.

At last: agriculture, Eat This Podcast

Eat This Podcast seeks to understand how our food influences, or is influenced by, a broad range of factors: geography, chemistry, trade, economics, religion, evolution and more. This particular episode explores a crucial moment in the history of agriculture–when humans began domesticating wheat.

Designing agriculture, Let’s fix things

In this episode of Let’s Fix Things, hosts Joe and Guus discuss a dichotomy of food: its consumption is social and cultural, while its production is cold and statistical.

Sustainable Agriculture with Economist and PhD Candidate Jess Agnew, Kitchen Confession Podcast

On this episode of Kitchen Confession, host Mary Mammoliti is joined by Jess Agnew, who shares her experiences in the food and hospitality industry as well as her work and study in sustainable agriculture and mitigating hunger in other countries.

Sustainable agriculture: innovation to feed future generations, Innovation Forum Podcast

Food industry experts sound off in this episode of Innovation Forum about ways in which brands can work with farmers and suppliers to develop more sustainable methods in agriculture.

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