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Earlier this year we introduced Paid Listens to help get podcasters paid when their work was heard, even if they can’t yet attract advertisers on their own. With Paid Listens, each time someone listens to an episode of your show on RadioPublic, you earn 2¢ – and more when you start counting your Loyal Listener bonuses.

Loyal Listeners are a foundational piece of your fanbase, and for shows with passionate audiences, we also wanted to make it super freaking simple for those listeners to support you directly, generously, and easily.

NOTE: Just a quick tip for podcasters, you can get all of our awesome podcaster tools at

Introducing Tipping on RadioPublic

We love creator support platforms like Patreon, Memberful, Kickstarter and Drip. But what if any listener could show support seamlessly right where they’re enjoying your podcast?

Your dedicated fans are energized and are willing to work to support you. With RadioPublic Tips, we increase the number of fans that will support you by channelling their energy efficiently.

Now, fans can tip you for any amount up to $100, right in the app, and it goes directly into your bank account. It’s a frictionless, quick, and simple way to give money to a podcaster. RadioPublic Tips are another expression of our direct listener support Call To Action, making it easier to earn money from your podcast audience.

Tipping is rolling out on Android this week with the first batch of podcasters and listeners. The full rollout of Tipping to everyone–podcasters who wish to participate and listeners excited to support them–is coming next week, with iOS soon after.

Here’s what a listener sees:

With RadioPublic Tips, a one-time contribution from a listener is just a few taps away. On a podcaster’s show page in the RadioPublic app, tap the “$ Tip” button, then select a tip amount and pay.

Seriously, it’s that simple.

A listener also has the option to add a note saying why they love your show or why they’ve chosen to support you when sending a tip.

No payment is too small, and there’s no limit to the number of Tips a podcaster can receive. Just think: as a listener begins building their relationship with you, Tips are well-positioned to start encouraging financial support before taking the leap into a more serious commitment of a recurring payment.

Already use another payment platform?

While RadioPublic Tips are a quick and seamless way to earn money from your listeners, it’s yet another thing to ask of your audience. If you’d like to boost an existing payment option instead, (like Patreon, Drip, Memberful, PayPal, or others) we’ve done direct integrations with Pinecast, PRX, and Anchor to support donations. If your podcast is hosted by these providers––or if you’re a hosting provider that would like to integrate direct financial support––please get in touch at to enable this Call To Action.

Ready to earn money?

Together, Paid Listens and Tipping are part of the expanding family of financial support options for podcasts. Want to be ready for the full rollout to podcasters and listeners everywhere next week? Get in touch at with the subject line “RadioPublic Tips.”

Have questions? Read our FAQ (includes info about fees, how and when you get paid, and how to introduce Tipping to your listeners) for all the details. And if you have feedback as we continue to improve Tipping, send us a note to the above email address.

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