Team RadioPublic at Third Coast 2018

Hello Chicago!

This year at Third Coast, we’re pumped to verify podcasters on RadioPublic and to get podcasters on a path to financial sustainability by signing up for Paid Listens and our brand-new Listener Tipping. These are two fundamental building blocks in RadioPublic’s podcast marketplace, where podcasters can grow their businesses and engage with their listeners.

The following folks will be present, and if you’re looking for a conversation starter, here’s what we like to talk about (though tap any of us on the shoulder to chat about any of them):

Jake Shapiro, CEO – What’s missing from the podcast economy? (Also: your band)

Matt MacDonald, Chief Product Officer – What does it take to move your podcast to the next level? (Also: pickleball)

Ma’ayan Plaut, Content Strategist & Podcast Librarian – Working on something new, just about to launch, or have a new show or season? (Also, knitting and fiber arts – especially if you’re in for a Thursday afternoon excursion to a yarn shop.)

Joshua Rae, Podcaster Relations Associate – What does it take to market and grow your podcast audience? (Also: movies, your best dance moves)

Drop by the RadioPublic table to grab a sticker and say hello, and if you’d like to set up a time to talk with someone specific, please do so on Thursday.

And if we don’t run into each other before then, we can’t wait to see you at the RadioPublic after party on Saturday evening following the Awards Ceremony. We’ll see you on the dance floor, flossin’ to DJ Rameswaram’s jams.

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