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Curated by the team behind Latina to Latina, an interview podcast featuring today’s trailblazers. From Lantigua Williams & Co.

As producers of Latina to Latina, we love nothing more than to get in the studio with a fascinating woman ready to spill the beans on herself and her life. And we love podcasts that feature those women!!! So, after enthusiastically agreeing to curate this collection, we avoided narrowing down our favorite podcasts hosted by Latinas like we avoided doing dishes as teenagers. But, we are professionals, and had a deadline and, despite the crippling fear of missing a gem or making a list that was way too long, we did it!

A quick word on our criteria: shows had to be hosted by at least one Latina, include lots of content about Latinas, and be inclusive of multiple ways of being Latina right now in 2018. But dear listener, don’t take our word for it. Make your own list! We’ve given you a head start by selecting podcasts on politics, business, family, identity, music, and self-fulfillment. Now it’s up to you to listen, contemplate, enjoy, and then make it your own.

Happy listening!!!

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Latina to Latina

Latinas we admire sit down for the type of intimate conversations most of us have in private. Don’t miss your weekly dose of Latina realness, like when Paola Mendoza reminds us that “Joy is an act of resistance.” And that time Cristela Alonzo walked two miles in Canada because she was broke. Nothing is off limits and we love our guests for it.


Melinna Bobadilla and Brenda Gonzalez should have a nationally syndicated radio show, really. They’re that good. Lucid commentary. In-depth interviews. Witty exchanges. The works. Their explorations and conversations on the intersections of Latinidad and mainstream American culture is the stuff we all talk about all the time, but they elevate the discussion with intelligence and humor.

Super Mamás

This sister dream team is so much fun to listen to, even for non-parents. But the fact that Paulina and Bricia Lopez find inspiring, funny, and super-real Latina moms to talk to about how they manage it all makes this podcast a must-listen for Latina moms who want to find inspiration in all the perspiration caused by parenting. Playdates, teething, drinking while parenting, it’s all in there.

You Wanna Do What

For over five years, Monica M. Rivera has been lovingly crafting and growing this introspective and motivational podcast on her own because she wants to inspire others to break through fear and live their fullest lives. Her story is inspirational enough, but she uses it masterfully to enter into conversations about resilience, compassion, and the life-changing and life-affirming moments that can overwhelm or launch us. Her guests include Olympians, television stars, entrepreneurs, and regular folks with extraordinary stories.

In the Thick

From veteran Latina journalist and media maven Maria Hinojosa, this current affairs show is a must-listen for staying informed on the major issues impacting Latinos in the US, especially given the state of immigration policy, the disastrous fallout from Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, and the impending midterm elections. Hinojosa has seen and covered it all over her expansive career and she brings all that knowledge to bear on this podcast.

Radio Menea

For those with expansive and inquisitive musical tastes, this podcast keeps your playlist fresh with current faves by women artists from Latin America, the States, and parts beyond. But the real gems are the hosts Miriam Zoila Pérez and Verónica Bayetti Flores, who unearth the beautiful randomness that can happen in the Latina diaspora. Favorite quote, “I literally had to Google popola.”

Latina LesBi y Que!

Started by Leticia Alvarez, a Latina in Los Angeles who wanted to live out her lesbian identity in its fullest with the support of other Latinas, this show is a thoughtful space to listen and learn about what it’s like to be your authentic self within the larger Latino culture. The women are smart, educated, savvy, and really take the time to unpack some of the inherent complexities in their daily lives: traditions, families, fitting in, money choices tied to politics, parenting, and much more.

Latina Theory

This self-identified “shameless Spanglish podcast” is hosted by a Puerto Rican, Maria Isa, and a Xicana, Arianna Genis, two friends who riff on all things Latino. Food, politics, culture, gender identities, pop culture, and anything that pops into their heads is fodder as they ad lib each episode. They also take their mics to meet Latinas running for office, visit events with Latino roots and offer on-the-ground intel on sweeping national policies like family separation and border patrol.

The Crafty Chica Show!

Kathy Cano-Murillo launched her creative business sixteen years ago, focused on Latino-centered crafts and DIY, and the show is an eclectic mix of culture, handy advice, entrepreneurial ideas, and lots of heartfelt warmth from someone who clearly loves what she does. And sometimes, she sets aside the scissors and papier mache to look at big questions like “What’s the difference between a designer and an artist?”


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