“He’s a podcast importer-exporter Okay?”

Import/export and see all downloaded episodes in RadioPublic 1.5 for iOS. Add shows from other podcast apps Art Vandelay — the made up character from Seinfeld — would love this release of RadioPublic for iOS. We’ve made it much easier to import and export your podcasts. Though I’m pretty sure Art would only be interested in the import aspect. If you … Continue reading “He’s a podcast importer-exporter Okay?”

Head out the door with RadioPublic

What podcast should I hear next? RadioPublic is a free podcast app for both iOS and Android and we release improvements almost every week. Sipping morning coffee, unraveling the never-ending tangled mess of headphone cord from yesterday, her lips curled into an awkward silly half-smile. Tiffany’s phone just chirped, a text from mom, another one about … Continue reading Head out the door with RadioPublic