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Help me quickly get to unheard episodes from shows I follow

Howdy! Podcasts are experiencing their own Renaissance/Golden age moment. Seems like each week there is a great new show popping up. So much great stuff to hear, so little time. It can be hard to keep up.

If you’re reading this you probably already follow a bunch of shows, some are so prolific at producing episodes they’d put Mozart to shame. So how can you quickly get to unheard episodes from shows you follow before you head out the door on your commute?

With RadioPublic version 1.0.5 for iOS you can now open up the app, tap “Show me new episodes” from the home screen or go to your profile and tap shows you follow. You’ll see a list of all the unheard episodes from the shows and playlists you follow.

Only have 20 minutes to listen?

Looking for a really short episode to keep you company while waiting in line? Want to catch up on podcasts during your ride to pick up the kids at sports? Taking a long road trip and don’t want to futz with your phone? Tap “refine” from the unheard episodes screen and you can filter what episodes appear: sort by newest or oldest, show episodes that are 15, 30 or 45 minutes or less.

A note about privacy

We are committed to privacy at RadioPublic, so starting today in RadioPublic for Android version 1.0.34 (and coming soon on iOS) you can turn off anonymous diagnostic data collection in the settings screen. If you decide to keep helping make the app better by providing that data, know that we will never share any submitted data with anyone else without your permission.

We want to make sure you as a consumer have a choice in the information you decide to share with us, with advertisers, with podcasters and with publishers. Valuing your privacy is a core reason we don’t require a user account, ask for your email address, or make you login via Facebook or Twitter in order to use RadioPublic. When we do ask for more information we’ll do so in a transparent manner and only when there is a clear benefit for you.

Thanks for listening!


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