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What’s new in RadioPublic 1.1.0 for iOS?

RadioPublic for iOS is available in the Apple App Store.

Can you hear me now? Maybe not. Cell coverage has improved, but it isn’t perfect, especially when underground, in the air or if you live in rural northern Maine. Unlimited data is great too, if you were able to be grandfathered into one of those plans — but even if you are, sometimes you just want your battery to last longer. Enter offline listening for episodes. When you are connected to WiFi any episode you add to your queue will be downloaded so you can listen without using your data connection. What’s that I hear? Oh, that’s the muffled sound of happy subway commuters listening.

Look life is busy, and we’re multitasking all the time, swiping here, tapping that. Jumping from app to app, text messaging and having conversations with multiple people at the same time. Say you’re listening to The Big Listen and your grown son Shaun texts you, asking you to call him, because — he’s you know, a good son. You clearly pause the episode to talk with him, have a wonderful conversation and get distracted by that latest recipe posted by your daughter Tiffany. How the heck will you remember to finish listening to that awesome podcast episode? Well, with notifications we’ll now send you a gentle reminder a day later to pick that episode back up. One less thing to remember. You’re welcome.

Are you one of those twitchy types, always checking your phone to see if an episode has dropped for one of your favorite shows? Do you need to listen right away and claim ‘first’. We’re now checking for new episodes, even when you aren’t using the app, so you can be notified when a new episode is available. Just make sure to tap “OK” when you see the ‘Never miss a beat’ card on Home.

Also in this release… additional polish, bug fixes and general betterness.

Remember, keep your stick on the ice.

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