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RadioPublic is a free podcast app that’s perfect for your run.

What podcast might he be listening to?

Music can be a great motivator to help push you through a hard run, but sometimes hearing the same songs over and over can be, well repetitive. Podcasts are a great alternative to a music running rut, and with shows covering thousands of topics and millions of episodes you can press play and never hear the same thing twice. We’ve compiled four playlists of awesome shows to get you started.

30 podcast episodes perfect for a 5k run

I was on track for getting my 5k down to below 20 minutes before my right achilles decided to put the kibosh on that goal… grrrrr. Maybe this will be the year! Anyway this 30 podcast episodes that are 30 minutes playlist is chockfull of great 30 minute episodes. The perfect length for a warmup, training run and a short cool down. Press play, learn, laugh and feel more connected to people while you run.

Quick Hits is a playlist with variety during your run

Looking for a mix of podcast episodes and topics while you run? Try the Quick Hits playlist.

Podcast episodes for marathon training

Training for a marathon? Don’t want to fiddle with the skip button? Try these hour-long plus episodes in the “Long Haul” podcast playlist. Originally created for those long car road trips, it’s a great list of episodes to keep you company during your long run.

A rotating playlist of the best podcast episodes from the week

Just in case you happen to work your way through all those episodes, check out the Fresh This Week playlist. It rotates each week, with selections from the best podcasts as selected by people who listen to a ton of podcasts.

How to listen

Step 1: Download the FREE podcast app for iOS and Android

Step 2: Follow shows and playlists

Step 3: There is no step 3!

No signup needed. No credit card. Just download the app and start listening.

Happy running and happy listening!

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