There’s more to the story

Between the sheer number of hourly and daily news shows drifting around the podcast universe, sometimes all you can do is keep up with the present. Want the 10,000 foot view to complement your day-to-day listening? Go deeper into the stories with this selection of podcasts that provide context for we hear every day with historical and data-driven perspectives.

Since most of these shows take a step back from current events, the archives can be valuable, but consider beginning with the most recent episode as a relevant starting point.

ReConsider — providing context for political views.

Let’s Know Things — putting the news into context.

Rear Vision— digging into complex history of current events in the news.

My History Can Beat Up Your Politics — the politics of today put into historical context.

Capital Public Radio: Insight Podcast— a daily in-depth interview program that provides background to the issues that face California.

Past Present — turning hindsight into foresight with the news of the day.

Entwined — how our world is wound or twisted together.

Lastly, a wildcard, since it’s not about current events, per se: Listen Close— go beyond a song’s face value, digging into the social and political meanings of music.

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