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Five things to hear this week

The turning of the year prompts many of us to reflect on the past, take a snapshot of the present, and peer into our futures. This week’s podcast playlists do the same.

Debbie Millman, host of the long-running podcast Design Matters, has curated a mind-opening and perspective-shifting collection on the subject of possible futures. Sara Weber points us to some inspiring women, and Podster Magazine shares the shows that are humming in their office’s earbuds. We’ve uncovered some particularly memorable moments in history podcasts. And Tina Antolini, co-creator of Gravy — an award-winning show that tells stories about the American South through food — has assembled a treasure trove of stories about race and social justice down south that couldn’t be more relevant as we near Martin Luther King Day here in the US.

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Making noise down south

Stories of race and social justice in the American South. From the producers of Gravy.

Future possible

Understanding our options, opportunities and obstacles. From Debbie Millman, host of Design Matters.

Great women

Podcasts with a strong female lead. From Sara Weber, curator of the “Adolescence is a Marketing Tool” podcast newsletter.

History: it happened

Memorable moments in history podcasts, curated by our very own podcast librarian. (Go ahead, ask her for recommendations!)

Podster Magazine recommends

A sample of what people are listening to in the offices of Podster magazine.

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