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Sipping morning coffee, unraveling the never-ending tangled mess of headphone cord from yesterday, her lips curled into an awkward silly half-smile. Tiffany’s phone just chirped, a text from mom, another one about the The Black Tapes. What was this? The third text this month about the show? With a finger swipe and tap, the message is open. The keyboard pops up, ready for that witty response, a gentle teasing back, but this time there was a link in the text, not just a gentle prod from mom to listen.

Hey kiddo — I know I’ve told you about this show a hundred times, but this app makes it so easy to listen. Click this link and you can just listen to the show. Also, make sure you get enough sleep. Heart emoji.

Another sip of coffee, and a small, gentle laugh through her nose. OK mom, this time. The Black Tapes opens in RadioPublic, no searching or browsing around. It’s getting late, just time to hop in the shower and get to work. Tiffany swipes on a few episodes, watching them pop into her queue for later.

Queue up episodes with a quick swipe (iOS v1.1.1 and Android 1.2)

Headed for the door, keys jingling, scraping against the wood when scooped off the table with her phone and headphones. Unlocking her phone, she taps the little airplane, turning off her data plan. Gotta watch the data.

The bus is crowded, someone is basically yelling into their phone, oblivious that we don’t want to know the intimate details about Uncle Shaun. Her hands move up toward her head, fingers curled around the edges of her headphone cans, sliding them over her ears, shutting out whatever is going on with Shaun. Her finger taps the little RP flag on screen. All the episodes she swiped appear in her queue, with the green little download next to them. Time to hear what mom was talking about.

Did an episode make you think of someone?

When I’ve heard an episode it often makes me think of a specific person, it might be the Hot Takedown episode about Randall Cunningham that I knew my high-school friend Tony would enjoy or the episode from 99% Invisible about Billiards my dad would love. If you see an episode or show someone might like tap the “…” menu you’ll see “Share”. The link works for people using both iPhone and Android devices.

“OMG for the last time, yes I want to listen to podcasts, no I don’t have an iPhone, so stop sending me links to iTunes!” Said no one using RadioPublic.

Did you miss it? Loading the show from a link in an email, text or FB post happens soooo fast.

Swiping right isn’t just for Tinder

See something you like or want to hear? With a quick swipe right add them to your queue. When you swipe on an episode, a little menu opens up and bam, there it is in your queue all downloaded and ready for you to listen on the train. This works anywhere you see an episode.

Swiping right isn’t just for Tinder, it queues and downloads episodes!

Fear of missing out?

Are you the type of person who drops everything and starts listening to an episode the moment it is available? Need that notification itch scratched? Follow a show and you’ll see a prompt asking if you want to be notified when a new episode from the show is available. No FOMO with RadioPublic.


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RadioPublic is a free podcast app for both iOS and Android. We’d love if you tried it out.

Also, thanks for listening/reading and remember the handyman’s secret weapon, duct tape.

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