You can’t go home again.

But you should visit the new Home in RadioPublic for iOS.

You Can’t Go Home Again. Well if Thomas Wolfe had used version 1.4 of RadioPublic for iOS the world would have had a different book title to read. “Go Home Again.” No really. Go and try home in RadioPublic again. It’s way more useful.


There is a new highlights section too which well — highlights different episodes, podcasts and playlists that we think you should know about. It’s a neat way to discover new podcasts you might not be familiar with.

Highlights are episodes, playlists and podcasts we think you should know about.

Unheard episodes from shows you follow

A quick shortcut to see the most recent episodes from the shows you follow and get to the full list with a single tap.

Quickly see unheard episodes from shows you follow.

Shows you listen to most & Popular Playlists

Sometimes you just want a quick way to get to your favorite shows. Now on Home you can see the shows you listen to most. As you listen this section will update and give you a quick tap way to get to your favorites.

We’ve also been curating and collecting podcasts playlists from some awesome people. How about a big bold way to see and explore the other podcasts and episodes people think you should hear.

Shows you listen to most and big podcast playlists!

Library shortcuts

Also you’ll now see a quick shortcut for Your Shows — these are the podcasts and playlists you follow. We’re also now including a link to your public Playlist on Home. This gives you access to all the episodes you’ve added to your public playlist. We also promoted your Listening History to the home screen so you can get quick access to all the recent episodes you’ve heard.

Quick access to all your shows and your listening history.

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