“He’s a podcast importer-exporter Okay?”

Import/export and see all downloaded episodes in RadioPublic 1.5 for iOS.

Add shows from other podcast apps

Art Vandelay — the made up character from Seinfeld — would love this release of RadioPublic for iOS. We’ve made it much easier to import and export your podcasts. Though I’m pretty sure Art would only be interested in the import aspect. If you use another podcast app you can easily add your shows to RadioPublic. Tap on the ‘Import’ button on the Home screen or go to Settings and you’ll see ‘Import’ — tapping it gives you a super easy way to add the podcasts you already follow from another app.

Art Vandelay would be thrilled.

See all your downloaded episodes

You’ve downloaded episodes, because cell phone data plans. Where the heck are they? We’ve clustered all those beautiful downloads from all your podcasts into a single place. You can find them on the Home screen at the bottom, or on your profile by tapping on the appropriately named “Downloads”. Sorry mobile phone providers… you aren’t getting my overage charge 💰 any more.

Ahhh… downloaded episodes.

Episodes got a refresh

Did you see that JLo movie The Cell? Visually stunning but without much substance. Our episode cells are stunning AND with substance. We’ve updated the styling but also the functionality for how episodes appear within the app. Episodes you’ve heard will be dimmed a bit, the ones you haven’t are all bright and bold. You can also easily see if the episode is downloaded, those episodes appear with a bright green down arrow.

Better framing that an episode is included within a playlist.

Subtle changes. Dimmed view for episodes you’ve heard with adjustments to spacing and positioning of key information.

You can get RadioPublic for iOS in the Apple App Store — it’s a free app.

Oh, one more random thing

“If it keeps going like this, the Zamboni driver is going to be the first star.” — Don Cherry

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