Working on work

A selection of podcasts that serve as rocket fuel as you launch yourself or your new idea this year. Inspired by Gimlet Media cofounder Matt Lieber’s Startup Academy #podcastplaylist, here are six shows that’ll motivate the idea-driven to take the next step. IDEO Futures — IDEO Futures is where entrepreneurship meets design and cool stuff comes to … Continue reading Working on work

Podcasts about presidents

With the inauguration on the horizon, I took a dive into the world of presidential podcasts this week to surface shows from amateur historians and analysts, fiction and non-fiction, about the American presidency. Terms — a fictional podcast that explores a sitting president’s options after a controversial electoral college victory. Start with: episode 1 (and you likely … Continue reading Podcasts about presidents

There’s more to the story

Between the sheer number of hourly and daily news shows drifting around the podcast universe, sometimes all you can do is keep up with the present. Want the 10,000 foot view to complement your day-to-day listening? Go deeper into the stories with this selection of podcasts that provide context for we hear every day with … Continue reading There’s more to the story

Find me fantasy football podcasts

Things I never thought about until a request came to the Podcast Librarian reference desk: how many fantasy football podcasts are there? The answer: lots, ranging from the daily update podcast to the all-fantasy-teams-all-the-time podcasts, and ranging in content from news to strategy. Here are three shows to help you manage your team better this … Continue reading Find me fantasy football podcasts

I love longform narrative non-fiction.

The first-person narrative abounds in podcast form, but for this request, I focused on shows that remained with a single character of the course of many episodes rather than shows that go deep on different characters for each episode. (On the list of this listener’s favorite shows were two hybrid personal narratives over many episodes … Continue reading I love longform narrative non-fiction.

More true crime/mystery shows like Criminal or Sword and Scale?

True crime and mystery podcasts tend to intertwine, so my recommendations for a listener seeking more shows like Criminal and Sword and Scale are somewhat of a hybrid of these genres. And with the sheer number of crime podcasts growing each day, I decided to find some shows that appear to be lesser known but … Continue reading More true crime/mystery shows like Criminal or Sword and Scale?

I like All Ears English.

With this listener, I stayed close to the action-driven model of language learning present All Ears English with my recommendations, though following this request, I’m also now on the lookout for shows that would serve as good listening for a new-to-English speaker. Then there are two short shows — think about them as small lessons to fit … Continue reading I like All Ears English.

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Podcasts

(Plus if you have any food or background listening podcasts.) A small joy while fulfilling Podcast Librarian requests: our listeners are curious about literally everything, so I’m tickled when I match a podcast with their interests, especially if I never thought to look for a show related to that topic before. For this requester, I … Continue reading Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Podcasts

I love listening to music related shows

(As well as funny, interesting, and in-depth things.) When I receive a broad thematic topics with some tonal qualities included, it’s setting up a creative framework to explore that theme into as many ways as possible. In short, as a librarian, I find these prompts to be an opportunity to explore form through content. For … Continue reading I love listening to music related shows