I like All Ears English.

With this listener, I stayed close to the action-driven model of language learning present All Ears English with my recommendations, though following this request, I’m also now on the lookout for shows that would serve as good listening for a new-to-English speaker.

Then there are two short shows — think about them as small lessons to fit into your day— for learning English that I found: Real Deal English delivers a regular one minute lesson looking at one phrase or news headline and the BBC’s The English We Speak podcast, a two minute weekly podcast that explained a English phrase (sometimes American English, sometimes British English).

Lastly, there’s a well-produced podcast about words called A Way With Words. There’s a focus on American English history, phrases, and usage, and they take calls or questions from listeners so you’ll hear a wide variety of voices.

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What podcasts do you listen to as you’re learning a new language? Tell me what shows new language learners should know about in the comments.

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