Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Podcasts

(Plus if you have any food or background listening podcasts.)

A small joy while fulfilling Podcast Librarian requests: our listeners are curious about literally everything, so I’m tickled when I match a podcast with their interests, especially if I never thought to look for a show related to that topic before. For this requester, I hopped down the rabbit hole of motorcycle podcasts — there are many! — as well as sifted through some of my favorite food and conversational podcasts.

For motorcycle podcasts, try Above Idle Motorcycle Podcast (news, interviews, and discussion about motorcycles) and Creative-Riding Motorcycle Podcast (stories of the people who ride).

For food podcasts, try The Eater Upsell (interviews with interesting people in the food world) and Chewing (discussions of food and health).

I tend to interpret background listening as conversation-driven podcasts that are good general listening for many audiences, so two recommendations: The New York Public Library Podcast (somewhat timely conversations) and On Being (more timeless conversations).

All the links in this article will automatically open in the RadioPublic app, so download the app for iOS or Android to begin listening. And if you’re seeking more personal recommendations, send the Podcast Librarian a note and I’ll help you find something you might enjoy.


What podcasts have you found that match your hobbies? Tell me about them in the comments.

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