I love listening to music related shows

(As well as funny, interesting, and in-depth things.)

When I receive a broad thematic topics with some tonal qualities included, it’s setting up a creative framework to explore that theme into as many ways as possible. In short, as a librarian, I find these prompts to be an opportunity to explore form through content.

For music shows that layer in funny, interesting, and in-depth discussions:

The Talkhouse Music Podcast — Musicians talking to musicians talking about each other’s music.

Desert Island Discs— Literally thousands of interviews with celebrities about the albums they would take to a desert island. My advice given the vast archives: find your favorite people and begin there.

Dig Me Out Podcast— each week, the hosts dig into their vault of albums and talk about their favorites. It reminds me of a solid music show on a college radio station.

Lastly, consider this wildcard recommendation, since it’s an interesting format and there’s music involved: The Most Wonderful Wonder, a history storytelling podcast with a melancholy country tune

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What music-related podcasts do you listen to? Tell me what podcasts make your brain dance in the comments.

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