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5 things to hear this week

The backstory: Every week at RadioPublic, we highlight a new set of hand-curated #PodcastPlaylists – think old-school mix tape, but for podcast episodes. Some share a theme, and others are a selection of favorites from tastemakers like authors, podcast hosts, and publications. Want to be the first to hear when new playlists are available? Join our mailing list here.

This week, we’re refreshing our ears with a palette-cleansing selection of award winning radio, 80s nostalgia, and a playlist of short listens to fit into your busy, back to work, post-holiday schedule.

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The Oscars of radio: 2016

Winners from the most prestigious competition in audio storytelling, from The Third Coast International Audio Festival.

Totally rad

Remember the 80s? The 80s totally happened.

Radio Diaries
top 6

Picks from Radio Diaries host Joe Richman.

We’re really not that different

A playlist to open your mind, from our friends at Audible Feast.

Quick hits

Short on time? These episodes are wonderfully succinct.

Want more listening suggestions? Here you go.

Your turn: what’s refreshing your ears this week?

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