Our Pets, Ourselves: Best Podcasts For Animal Lovers

For some, there's no better feeling than being greeted at the door by a wagging tail or a warm purr. Whether you put yourself in that category, you prefer the reptilian or amphibian equivalent, or you choose to admire animals from a distance, this collection of podcasts helps us all better understand and appreciate the animals among us. 

2017 in (podcast) retrospect

From thousands upon thousands of new shows, highlights of the trends we saw *a lot* this past year I love categorization, in no small part because it’s a fairer and more representative way to start showcasing exactly what’s out there in the wide world of podcasts. An investigative report next to a deep-dive history show next … Continue reading 2017 in (podcast) retrospect

17 podcasts that started in 2017 that I can’t imagine a world without

These new shows always pop to the top of my queue. I encountered thousands of new shows this year, sampled hundreds of them, and from that endless list, some of them stuck around my queue and my mind for quite a bit longer. These are the seventeen shows that started in 2017 I’m grateful exist in … Continue reading 17 podcasts that started in 2017 that I can’t imagine a world without

Office Hours with the Podcast Librarian

Are you launching a new show? Have a new season in the works? Pitch your show to the Podcast Librarian — live and in person! Hi! I’m Ma’ayan. As RadioPublic’s Podcast Librarian, I research, curate, and recommend podcasts to listeners and people who write about podcasts. I’ll be at several podcast and audio conferences this year and I’d … Continue reading Office Hours with the Podcast Librarian