Our Pets, Ourselves: Best Podcasts For Animal Lovers

For some, there’s no better feeling than being greeted at the door by a wagging tail or a warm purr. Whether you put yourself in that category, you prefer the reptilian or amphibian equivalent, or you choose to admire animals from a distance, this collection of podcasts helps us all better understand and appreciate the animals among us.

Theory of Pets Podcast

Looking to be the best parent you can be? Theory of Pets offers expert advice and thoughtful discussions on everything from adoption to nutrition to at-home grooming and beyond.

Can I Pet Your Dog?

Dog-lovers Renee Colvert and Allegra Ringo chat about dogs that have made the news as well as the dogs they know and love. They offer training tips and point out follow-worthy dog-stagrams.

Canine Nation

Canine Nation is about understanding our dogs and their behaviors so we can better train them, live with them, and love them.

The Community Cats Podcast

Guests from every corner of the cat community join host Stacy LeBaron to talk about cat rescue, cat grooming, cat health, and advocacy for animals in general.

Our Hen House

Want to make the world a better place for animals? “Our Hen House” breaks down a variety of issues from animal agriculture to animal law to animal advocacy and offers no-holds-barred commentary on current events surrounding these topics.

Aquarium Hobbyist Podcast

Aquarium Hobbyist Podcast is for tropical fish keepers everywhere. Whether you’ve got freshwater or saltwater, all of your questions about caring for your marine pals will be answered here.

The Animals at Home Podcast

Pet hobbyists and wildlife experts join host Dillon Perron to talk about animals of all stripes in the home. Whether you’re interested in mammals, reptiles, fish, or birds, this show covers them all and from every angle, ranging from wildlife conservation to breeding to scientific research.

All My Pets, Reply All

In this episode of Reply All, we meet Taylor Nicole Dean, a young woman whose friends are mostly comprised of her many pets, until she introduces herself and those pets to the world.

Pets, Very Loose Women

Very Loose Women takes private discourse into the public sphere, and in this episode, the gang dives into the topic of pets, asking questions like, Why do we love them? Is it even ethical for us to keep them? And more.

Pets w/ Brea and Mallory from Reading Glasses, Guilty Pleasure

Guilty Pleasure explores people’s odd interests, and this episode is all about our feline friends. If you’ve ever wondered, “How many cats are too many cats?” you might find your answer here, or at least find kinship among some fellow cat lovers.

Real Farm-to-Table Food for Pets, Living Homegrown with Theresa Loe

Theresa Loe takes a departure from discussing the food we serve our families to the food we serve our pets (still family, just furrier!). She talks natural food options, what’s safe and what’s not, and how locally sourced food can make a difference in your pet’s health.

Pets, Robot or Not?

Robot or Not? digs into the meanings and concepts of various words. This time around, hosts Jason Snell and John Siracusa ask, “What makes an animal a pet?”

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