Hand-made with Love: Podcasts about Arts and Crafts

If you’ve been meaning to stare at your phone less and create more, these podcasts might be right up your alley. Get tips on how to crochet a mean pair of socks or woodwork a salad-worthy bowl and gather inspiration from master crafters hand-building bicycles, drums, and watches.

Making It

Three dudes with a common love of building chat about what they’re working on, the greater maker movement, and their creative processes.

The Jewelryosophy 360 Podcast

Love making jewelry but want some more traffic on your Etsy page? This show provides advice from real jewelry makers who are growing their online businesses.

The Yarniacs: A Knitting Podcast

Knitting buddies Gayle and Sharlene talk clothes, creativity, and finding the perfect yarn in this knit-centric podcast.

Under the Puppet

Puppetry professionals from Sesame Street to the Jim Henson Company join as guests on this show to discuss the art and business of puppetry.

The Crochet Circle

This podcast is geared toward crochet pros and novices alike, talking style, technique, and all things crochet, with a bit of knitting thrown in.

The Potters Cast

Clay artists from all over the world join as guests on this podcast to share their stories about their experiences making art and growing their business.

Handmade By Hipsters, Business Daily

The BBC’s Business Daily podcast joins marketing expert Peter York for a stroll through a trendy London hotspot to explore why a product with a ‘story’ can sell for a much higher price than one without.

Istanbul Mehmet Cymbals – 100% Hand-Crafted Cymbals from Turkey, Behind the Backline

The hosts of Behind the Backline tell the stories behind their favorite brands of music equipment. In this episode, the subject is a brand of cymbals-makers who have continued to make their cymbals by hand, despite the overwhelming number of other brands who have switched to digital production.

Hand Crafted Celtic Jewellry, Sunday Business Show

Jewelry maker Tracey Gilbert joins the Sunday Business Show to talk about the her handcrafted pieces that, since this episode aired, went on to be featured in the British Museum.

Episode #469, Side Hustle School

Side Hustle School features stories of people with full-time jobs pursuing a project on the side. In this episode, an artist sells handmade cashmere scarves.

Treasures, Episode 6: The pestle that changed the world, AMplify

This episode of AMplify dives deep into the significance of a seemingly modest artifact in the Australian Museum: a hand-crafted bird-shaped pestle.

Beer, Records, and Watches: What Can We Learn From the Revival of Craft?, The Unconventionals

This episode of The Unconventionals explores the renaissance of handcrafting. They pulled the best from conversations with industry leaders in craft beer, watchmaking, and records.

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