All Built Up: Podcasts about Architecture and Design

Take a journey from blueprint to scale with these ten podcasts about architecture and design. Whether you’re interested in the business of architecture, the artistic design, or the history and culture aligning to one particular style of architecture, this collection of podcasts is for you.

EntreArchitect Podcast with Mark R. LePage

Focusing on the business of architecture, this podcast speaks to entrepreneur architects, guiding them through best practices and highlighting the keys to success in the field.

About Buildings + Cities

This podcast leaves no era of architecture untouched — discussing ancient buildings and cities to the ones we occupy today. Expect some deviations into chats about film, technology, and comics.

The Architecture Happy Hour

Hosts Laura Davis and Holly Hall offer listeners a variety of information on architecture and interiors, from tips on how to restore your kitchen to accounts of their own architectural ventures, like their work to restore a historic mansion in Dallas.

US Modernist Radio

Love Modernist architecture? Hate it? US Modernist Radio covers the range with funny and engaging conversations about some of the most exciting and controversial buildings in the world.


If you’re wondering what the life of an architect is really like, this podcast serves as a glimpse into that world. Hosts discuss their personal experiences as architects and cover a broad range of topics including work/life balance, design, tools, and job-hunting.

Building Humane Cities, TED Radio Hour

This episode of TED Radio Hour focuses on the pervasive problems of overcrowding and gentrification and features the architects who design with those issues in mind. Listen to hear their strategies for building more human cities.

Frank Gehry – Enjoying a Career You Love in Your 90s, Brainfoodinator

Legendary architect Frank Gehry loves what he does, so much so that he’s still doing it at almost 90 years old.

What haunted houses tell us about ourselves, Get Outta Here!

On this episode of the Associated Press’s travel podcast, “Get Outta Here!” editor Beth Harpaz explores haunted houses and learns what they tell us about the people who lived there, the history of the house, and of course, its architectural design.

Return to Subtopia, Seriously…

This episode of the BBC’s “Seriously…” revisits the post-war architectural debacle of Subtopia, when the landscape of Great Britain was a blending of town and country

Architect Daniel Libeskind on Working Unconventionally, HBR IdeaCast

With a foundation in academia, architect and urban designer Daniel Lebeskind’s repeatable success is linked to his unusual creative process.

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