Now that you’re done with S-Town…

You’ve already binged on all seven chapters, so line up these shows next.

As RadioPublic’s Podcast Librarian, I’ve been inundated with requests from listeners who finished S-Town then asked, “So, what should I listen to next?” You came to exactly the right person, dear listeners. Here’s what you should add to your queue:

An exercise in human empathy

Storycorps—a candid conversation between two people about that which matters in life.

Beautiful Stories from Anonymous People — an hour to meet, talk with, and connect with an unknown person on the other end of the phone line.

Incredibly written audio fiction

Craving another well-told story that plays with genre in an incredible way? Try the genre-bending scifi noir audio drama The Penumbra Podcast.

If you loved S-Town’s underlying currents of time and place, Ars Paradoxica’s time-traveling historical drama is a treasure.

Go deep with true stories

Serial and S-Town aren’t the only shows to take a deep dive into previously untold or unexamined stories. Two podcasts that take the time to explore a story from many perspectives:

Reveal — a long, deep look at stories not usually investigated.

Offshore— season-long looks at complex narratives from Hawaii.

Intimate looks at marginalized people and narratives

The close look at a compelling protagonist from which you may not usually hear is also present in:

Love + Radio — other-worldly interviews with complicated and eclectic people. (Grab your headphones for this one.)

Here Be Monsters— exploring the dark corners of the human mind through true stories.

Everything Is Stories — unconventional narratives of the past and present to preserve the eccentric, the authentic, and the personal.

Strangers — true stories about the people we meet and the lives they lead.

If you’ve not yet finished listening to S-Town, I can’t promise that these final suggestions are spoiler-free, especially those connected with the central themes of S-Town as the story develops. Read on if you’ve completed the series:

Intertwined with some of central themes of S-Town

Unpacking S-Town and other crime-y podcasts

Crime Writers On… a roundtable discussion with crime writers about Serial, S-Town, and more.

Visit Alabama through audio

The Junction — going beyond the external narrative of crime-ridden Ensley, Alabama to learn about what life is really like, from the people who live there.

Ignite Alabama — talks from business owners and entrepreneurs about innovating in Alabama.

Horology and timekeepers

Unwound — the study of watches.

On Time — a roundtable discussion of horology.

Climate change

Hot & Bothered —at the intersection of climate, politics, and the economy.

Climate Cast from MPR News— daily updates about our changing climate.

Mental and emotional health

Terrible, Thanks for Asking — the real answers to the question, “So, how are you doing?”

Mental Illness Happy Hour — a weekly discussion about mental and emotional struggles.

Human-to-human connections

Explore real Appalachia with a podcast playlist from Scott Finn, host of The Front Porch podcast.

Queer southern narratives: Nick Thomas Podcast — a gay man from Birmingham, Alabama talks about his life and relationships.

Lastly, if you enjoyed the email exchanges between Brian and John, try the brand-new indie podcast Dear— letter writing between two people.

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